How Your Mind is Connected to Your Body?

Did you know that your biology, your physiology, your hormones, your neurochemistry, even your genetic expression is equal to how you think, how you act and how you feel.

If based on what I’m saying Is true then you’d have to agree that if you changed the way you thought, the way you acted and the way you felt about yourself, then you could change your the changed the way you looked and felt about yourself aswell as improve your biology, your hormone function, your neurochemistry, your physiology and even change your genetic expression.

Most people genuinely want to change, so they’ll sign up to a new program or read self help books, then recite positive affirmations, start day thinking positively but are still feeling negative and sooner or later adversity sets in or variable present itself and they’ll revert back to bad habits.

Wouldn’t you like to know why?

In this column I promise not to hold anything back, I’ll give you information that is shared in our VIP program and things that are promoted in our app , throughout the coming publications I intend to open your eyes unlike anything you’ve ever experienced or heard and help you make sense of all the self sabotaging moments that are deeply embedded into your subconscious.

You see your mind is your brain in action and the brain is the artefact of all your thoughts and experiences, it is literally your thought processing unit, so where are emotions stored? We don’t have an external storage unit for our thoughts like an iCloud.

Candice Pert wrote a book called The Body is the unconscious mind, Sigmund frued spoke about it in his book called, the unconscious, basically saying that your emotions are stored in the body as it is your unconscious mind.

Think about it logically when you think of a past experience your body literally starts to react as though that experience is happening right now, you become flustered, overwhelmed, and the days priorities and tasks take the back seat as you’re now reliving the past experience as though its happening right now.

here’s a secret, all we need to do is change our perspective and everything changes,
because perspective creates perception and by that I mean the way you look at an object or circumstance changes what you see in that object or circumstance.

So perspective creates perception, perception creates belief, Belief creates a behaviour, your behaviour creates an experience, your experience creates reality and now your reality creates your perspective.
Surely you can see that by changing your perspective everything changes in that same moment.

Keep in mind I’m not here to convince you that this works, I already know it works, all I AM about to do is inspire you to change and take control of your life, and finally become that happy and healthy person that you’ve always aspired to be, mentally, physically and emotionally.

Now your body is the unconscious mind, it does not know the difference between an experience that is creating an emotion or an emotion you create by thought alone.

The body reacts to them both in the exact same way, so now if you’re thinking and feeling these familiar emotions your body is literally living in the past.

And the question is how can one create the future by living in the past, it’s absolutely impossible.

In the moment of an event most people react to that event or circumstance, that is they act to that event as they did before, they Re-Act, that’s because they’ve gone into their archives of prior data stored in their artefact of memories and that data tells them how they should respond to it so they react.
When ever we react to an experience, or thought the chemical change of the body goes through is called a refractory period, It’s literally when you don’t know how to control your emotion to that thought or event, and you begin to feel tight chested, knots in your stomach and so on.

If you allow those thoughts and emotions to consume you it’ll become a mood, if those same thoughts and emotions consume you for weeks, it’ll become your part of your temperament, “what’s wrong with her?” “I don’t know she just has an angry temperament”.
But if you keep up the same emotional refractory period long enough it’ll eventually become your personality.

People wear their emotions layer by layer and have this belief that that’s exactly who they are and let me tell you,” it’s not who you are.

You’re now probably thinking, so how do I change, This column will be all about improving your mental physical and emotional health where we focus on the BBM 6 pillars to health and well being where the intention is to help you change your internal narrative from thinking that being healthy and fit is the appearance of someone to realising that its really about the condition that they’re in and if you get these pillars right the consequence will be the weight loss and that illusive body you’ve always desired.