The Cellulite Myth

The Cellulite Myth

The cellulite myth – we’ve all heard it, and most of you reading this probably think it’s true: cellulite is strictly a result of unwanted fat build-up.

Most women, even slim women, are known to have hints of unwanted cellulite today. It’s more than just a “fat” problem. There are three different components at work that all contribute to the bubbling look we see and recognize on skin. Cellulite is actually the result of enlarged fat cells, stretched fascia tissue, and atrophy of the muscles.

People logically think that going to the gym and using the machines will do the trick. Naturally, if you’re “working out” then you must be addressing cellulite, right? Not exactly, The problem is that most machines at the gym are two-dimensional machines. To eradicate or manage cellulite, individuals need to pursue multi-dimensional workouts, attempting to activate as many muscles as possible. One way to get there is by focusing on the three different planes of bodily motion: Sagital, front to back; Frontal, side-to-side; and Transverse, rotational.

The simple gym machine exercises you’ve been using aren’t going to do the trick.

How to Lose Cellulite

Cellulite is a condition in which the skin has a dimpled, lumpy appearance. It happens when enlarged fat cells push through the connective tissue beneath the skin better known as the fascia.

In women Fascia, a fibrous connective tissue, connects in a perpendicular direction. This crisscrossed shaping is designed to hold fat cells for women as they prepare for bearing children. In men, fascia actually runs parallel, preventing the appearance of cellulite.

To tighten up the fascia, you need to invest in working on the ‘three compartment problem’ instead of falling for a fad cream or a fad concept.

Step 1: Shrink the fat cells

Contrary to popular belief, you can’t just “get rid of fat cells.” They never go anywhere. You can only shrink your fat cells.

How do you do that? You start with the hormone that triggers the depositing of fat: insulin. You need to focus on reducing the release of insulin, You need to eliminate“fat soluble toxins” as they too are stored in the fat cells. Lastly, cortisol needs to be reduced as that, too, is stored in fat cells.

All this can be managed with the the tips pointed out in this short ebook RECLAiM ‘the blueprint to a better you’

Step 2: Tighten the fascia

“Growth Hormone” is a great way to help repair and tighten fascia. Higher intensity full-body exercises that are explosive, dynamic and no longer than 8-12 minutes, will stimulate the production of growth hormone”. Make sure you don’t over-train otherwise you’ll pass the ‘Bliss Point’ and it may have an adverse effect.

From a stress point of view, added stress contributes to the depletion of collagen in the fascia, as well as stretching. You need to focus on stress reduction techniques like diaphragmatic breathing, meditation, and so forth. Also, try and consume whole foods to eliminate toxic additives and preservatives as they too impact negatively on our bodies. Most importantly, prioritize your consumption of adaptogens as they genuinely decrease the effects of stress on the body.

Step 3: Activate muscles

You need to wake your muscles up. Either through a lack of movement or working-out with poor form, some muscles become short and tight, while others become long and weak as they usually take a back seat to the same sets of muscles that the body now prefers to use every day. From humanity’s inception, we were created and designed to be opportunistic movers with three dimensions to our movement. In short you need to make sure you’re focusing on all three.

Secondly, cortisol is a stress hormone that interferes with the development of your muscle. Induced by stress and a lack of sleep, you want to support your body with rest and sun exposure to combat the effects of cortisol. Additionally, walking counters cortisol. On the days you aren’t pursuing high intensity workouts, consider a nice stroll through the neighborhood.

BBM Workout Support

With our BBM workouts, we know exactly how to support you on your quest to eradicate cellulite. We address all three components of managing cellulite, starting with the activation of muscles through multi-dimensional workouts. Our program is designed to wake up all inactive muscles through functional movements in conjunction with intensity to elevate those GH levels, which helps improve and tighten fascia.

Our workouts guarantee an after-burn for up to 72-hours, consequently shrinking fat cells. The combination of scheduled recovery periods and low intensity active recovery workouts keep the cortisol levels down. At this point, to reduce your insulin levels and the absorption of toxins, our website contains over 500 recipes that will help you do just that.

Don’t let cellulite control your life. Get in control of your cellulite with our BBM program today.